Yes.   Some may be tempted to discuss their personal injury case on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), thinking a post is only viewable by their "friends" and followers.  Accident victims should keep in mind that case-related social media posts aren't private.  As part of the "discovery" phase, insurance company lawyers may have access to those posts.  Further, a Virginia court may use wide discretion in deciding which social medial posts are discoverable.  Recently, some well-publicized cases have revolved around the social media posts of an accident victim.    

If you've been hurt in an accident, we suggest that you not discuss any aspect of your case on social media.  This follows the general good practice of not discussing your case publicly.  Your case is a private matter.  A serious injury affects your life quite personally, and has important legal consequences.  For these reasons, you should not publicly discuss your case through social media or otherwise.  Use discretion, and if you have further questions, contact us.    


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