SUV rollover crashIf you were injured in a crash involving a rollover—whether you were in the vehicle that tipped or in a nearby vehicle that was impacted—it's important to understand what causes certain vehicles to rollover so that you can determine who might be at fault for your injuries. Sport utility vehicles (SUVs), 15-passenger vans, and pick-up trucks are more likely to roll over in particular situations than sedans and compact cars. Sometimes, this is because of driver error, and sometimes it is because of poor design or improper loading. If you are an innocent victim of a rollover crash in Northern Virginia, contact the accident attorneys at Dulaney, Lauer, & Thomas to find out if we can help you hold the negligent party liable for your damages. 

Common Causes of SUV and Van Rollover Crashes

SUVs are the most popular vehicles on the road today, but that doesn't mean the dangers they have always posed have gone away. The fact that these vehicles are tall and narrow and that they are capable of carrying heavy loads, makes them a danger when they are driven improperly or encounter a road hazard. Some common causes of SUV and van rollover crashes include:

  • High center of gravity. Because the bulk of the weight in an SUV is concentrated above the ground, it is less stable when making turns and lane changes. Just like a tall stack of boxes is more likely to tip over than a short stack, a van or SUV will more easily tip over than a car.
  • Overloading. When a truck, van, or SUV is carrying a heavy load, it becomes even more unstable than an empty vehicle. If a sudden turn causes the load to shift, the vehicle could tip over.
  • Speeding. Driving too fast around a tight curve or rapidly making a lateral move could shift the SUV's weight and cause it to roll.
  • Defective tires. Poor tire traction could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, sending it into a rollover situation. 

Whether your rollover crash was caused by the vehicle design or the negligence of another, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. After seeking medical treatment, you should get in touch with a Virginia injury law firm. An attorney can help you take the necessary steps to hold all negligent parties accountable. You may be entitled to compensation for current and future medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering and other incidental expenses.

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If you are the victim of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, whether in an SUV accident or some other type of accident, you have certain rights guaranteed by law. The injury and wrongful death lawyers at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas, LLP are available to help those who have been involved in a Northern Virginia accident and are seeking help with a personal injury claim. Call 540-636-7100 to speak with an experienced attorney in your area today.

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