Interrogatories are requests for further information in advance of a civil trial. If an accident case fails to settle and requires a lawsuit, the parties usually send written questions to eachother to confirm facts. This process helps lawyers determine which facts may be relevant in trial.

How Interrogatories or Requests for Further Information Are Used

When a lawyer sends interrogatories to the opposing party, he or she is attempting to reveal what the opposing party believes is the truth. Having this information is crucial to the lawyer’s process in preparing for trial.

What to Do with Interrogatories

If you receive Interrogatories, your lawyer has already filed suit and therefore should take part in providing answers.  Do not attempt to answer the questions yourself. This could affect your case negatively. While you may not be lying, your answers may be misconstrued.  When answering Interrogatories, your attorney should work with you to ensure the responses are correct.  

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