Knowing you’re right about something—but not being able to prove it—is one of the most frustrating aspects of an argument. However, this frustration and anger becomes dangerously amplified when the “something” is a serious car accident and you can’t prove who was at fault.

Virginia insurance companies try to shift blame all the time when it comes to car accident claims. Without witness statements and police reports, your entire settlement can hinge on a “he said, she said” argument. However, if you or your accident lawyer procures reliable witness statements and documentation that reinforce your claim, the insurance company is less likely to dispute it.

How Witnesses Help Your Claim in Virginia

Witnesses can provide valuable information about your accident that you otherwise wouldn’t have known or remembered. Their statements are extremely important in helping determine fault as well as helping you clear up any adrenaline- or shock-induced confusion that you may have suffered after the incident.

  • Witnesses provide a neutral opinion about who was at fault.
  • They help describe the scene from a third-party perspective and paint a better visual picture of the damage and chaos that ensued.
  • They confirm your recollection of what happened while also filling in gaps that you may not remember.
  • Witnesses contradict any false accusations.

Don’t allow the blame game to affect your settlement’s outcome. Allow an experienced lawyer to help you track down and document the proper tools and statements you need to get the best settlement available. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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