highway entrance road sign mergeProper highway merging is an essential driving skill on the higways around Front Royal, Warrenton, and Culpepper. Unfortunately, not every driver has the skill and experience necessary to execute safe merges. When a negligent driver's actions cause a merging crash that leaves you or your passengers seriously injured, you can hold them accountable for your damages. The car accident attorneys at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas fight for accident victims to help them recover the compensation they deserve after an avoidable crash changed their lives. 

Common Warrenton Merging Accidents

Although merging may seem like a straightforward maneuver, the problem is that not everyone is considerate or aware enough 100% of the time to guarantee safety. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 300,000 merging accidents occur every year. Depending on the type of merging scenario encountered, approximately 50,000 of these crashes are fatal, while the remaining collisions vary in injury severity.

The most common types of dangerous merging scenarios include:

  • Side-swipe spinouts. If the driver of a merging vehicle fails to see you until after he begins his merge, he may try to overcorrect to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, many overcorrections cause more harm than good; not only could he still shear your side, but he could potentially put motorists in other lanes at risk.
  • Braking truck collisions. When a motorist attempts to merge in front of a truck without proper care, he could cause the trucker to panic and slam on his brakes to avoid a collision. Since trucks are extremely heavy, braking on a dime is difficult. If a truck can’t stop in time, skidding accidents, loss of control, rollovers, and jackknife accidents could be the catastrophic result of a careless merge.
  • Front- and rear-end collisions. When a driver misjudges the space he has to merge into or the speed of the traffic he is joining, he could maneuver straight into your rear end or cause you to collide with his rear end, resulting in massive damage and injury.
  • Blind spot collisions. Making sure there is enough space to move into is the most crucial part of merging. If a motorists fails to thoroughly check his blind spot, he could potentially cause you to slam right into him

Causes of Highway Merging Crashes

Some highway crashes are caused by honest mistakes or shared fault. If two drivers make simultaneous lane changes and collide, for example, it's hard to place the blame on one driver over the other. However, some driver actions are clear signs of recklessness, carelessness, or negligence, and the driver who took them can be held accountable. Examples of these actions include:

  • Drunk drivingAn impaired driver doesn't have the focus, coordination, or attention necessary to merge or change lanes safely. If a drunk drvier caused your merging crash, they should be liable for your damages
  • Distraction. Safe merging requires checking blind spots, getting up to highway speed, and finding an opening to slide into. A driver who is texting, talking to passengers, changing music, or eating does not have the attention necesary to execute a merge safely.
  • Speeding. Some drivers seem to think that simply accelerating beyond the speed limit will help them merge into movng traffic. However, the faster someone is driving, the less likely they are to recognize hazards and avoid obstacles, increasing the likelihood of a crash.
  • Vehicle disrepair. Missing mirrors, faulty brakes, slow acceleration, and other mechanical problems with a car can make merging difficult and unsafe. If the driver who caused your merging accident was driving a run-down car, they could be held liable.

 A car accident attorney can investigate the cause of your merging accident and help you build a case to hold the at-fault driver liable for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. If you were injured in a Northern Virginia merging accident, seek medical help and call a lawyer as soon as possible.

When a Merging Accident Is Not Your Fault

Even if you’re a safe, defensive driver and take precautions to try to avoid accidents, other drivers can still cause you to suffer. When this happens, you and your family may wind up spending years trying to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. Let us help you ease this pain by getting you the justice and compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call today at 540-341-0007 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation and review of your case and claim. See how we can help you safely get back on track for your family’s future. We’re waiting to help you!

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Working with Andrew and his team has been--without exception--one of the most pleasant, productive, and professional experiences of my adult life. I was seriously injured in an accident in July, 2018, in Virginia. I was driving a company vehicle that was registered in Maryland, for a company that was based in Wisconsin. And I live in New Jersey, where my personal vehicles are insured. The several jurisdictions involved presented a very unique case that demanded an experienced and nuanced strategy. I found Andrew Thomas (of Dulaney, Lauer, & Thomas) through some online research. And it is noteworthy that Andrew has worked the other side of the aisle--he used to work with insurance companies. Andrew took on my case with the assurance that he would work it with no less energy than he does each of his cases. At each turn, and with each question I had, Andrew and Paralegal Misty kept me informed, returned my calls, provided detailed explanations, and kept me feeling like I was in the loop and there was an eventual end to our journey. Nearly five years after the accident, we settled out of court for a significant sum in recognition of my personal injuries. The settlement was much more than I had expected. And without Andrew & Misty, I am sure the award would have been much less. If you are looking for professionalism, knowledge, dedication, answerability, responsiveness, integrity, and human-level communication from a personal injury attorney--look no further. You have found him. Thank you, Andrew and Misty. Gary Daley
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