The reason fatigue is such a problem with Virginia tractor trailer drivers is because they spend so much of their time behind the wheel on roads all across the United States.

It’s been said that at one point or another everything we buy has been on a truck. The trucking industry is one of the most popular ways we move goods around the country. This means that the drivers of these trucks spend a lot of time out on the open road, making them extremely susceptible to fatigue. There are two types of fatigue that usually cause truck drivers problems. 

The first type is active fatigue. This is usually from a lack of sleep. Often, drivers have to sacrifice their sleep to deliver their load on time. This lack of sleep begins to catch up to them and they become sloppy with their driving and attention to the road.

The second type of fatigue is called passive. This is caused by a lack of stimulation for long periods of time. Many of the roads and routes these drivers see are not very glamorous or entertaining. This causes them to “check out,” and their driving suffers. 

Although we have all faced fatigue behind the wheel at one point or another, semi-truck drivers have a serious problem with it and they are always trying to fight putting themselves and others at risk.

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