Believe it or not, everything you see on trucks has a purpose.

Sometimes it is just to notify a driver of what the truck is currently carrying or why you should keep your distance. The reason for many of the signs and markings is to keep you safe.

Take, for example, the red and white striped tape you see at the very bottom and sides of the trailer. This tape is used to signal to a motorist that they are coming dangerously close to a large truck.

Often, it can be very difficult to see that you are approaching something in the dark until it’s too late. This tape uses the headlights of a car to notify and warn the driver that they are approaching something dangerous and need to take action to avoid crashing into it.

Due to the height of most trailers, the car can crash into the truck or even end up underneath it. Far too many times this ends in a fatal Virginia truck accident. Many simple items are required on vehicles to help prevent serious accidents and to prevent injury.

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