There is a lot of information that could be gathered at the scene of a car accident. It could help in determining what happened and who was at fault. To learn more about the types of evidence that may be useful in your case, contact a Warrenton personal injury lawyer

If possible, you should collect some of the following information at the scene of your accident: 

  • contact information of others involved in the accident and any witnesses (name, phone number, address);
  • insurance information of the other driver;
  • pictures of the damaged vehicles, skid marks, the scene itself (get a variety of angles), your injuries and anything else pertinent to your accident;
  • information on how to obtain a copy of the police report; and
  • anything else that is related to the accident or your injuries. 


Contacting a Warrenton Personal Injury Lawyer 

Your next step should be to consult with a Warrenton personal injury lawyer. It’s important to bring along with you any of the information you have collected, which can help begin to build a case. 

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