There is so much going on at the scene of a Virginia car accident. As you evaluate the physical harm done to you, to your passengers, and to others at the scene, you also have other worries. You may, for example, be concerned about the property damage that has been done and what actually caused the accident. You will also likely be concerned about your potential physical and financial recovery.

What You Notice at the Accident Scene May Be Relevant to Your Recovery

Sometimes even the smallest details may ultimately be relevant to your Virginia car accident recovery. Accordingly, it is important to report the following to your Culpeper car accident lawyer if you happened to notice any of these things at your accident scene:

  • What was in the front seat of the other driver’s car. Food, soft drinks, liquor, cell phones, papers, etc. may be relevant to your case because they may be evidence that the other driver was distracted or negligent at the time of the crash.
  • What the other driver said immediately following the accident. Sometimes in the seconds immediately following the crash the other driver will say what really happened before he or she has a chance to think of the potential consequences.
  • What witnesses said immediately following the accident. Witnesses’ memories may fade as time goes on because the accident was not as significant in their lives as it is in yours. Accordingly, it is important to listen to what they say immediately following the crash.

Of course, there are many accidents where none of these things are present. However, there may be other small details that you don’t recognize as important at the time that are, in fact, very important to your case and potential recovery. Accordingly, you can’t go wrong by telling your Culpeper accident injury lawyer everything that you remember about the accident scene.

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