One of the major complaints a personal injury attorney hears from victims of a serious car accident in  Front Royal is chronic back pain that lingers well after the initial incident. There are many types of back injuries that can occur and not become apparent until later on when chronic pain begins to impair daily tasks. In many cases, victims can find relief from these painful conditions with back surgery, which may be necessary to your recovery.

Symptoms to Watch for After a Serious Car Accident

When you’re involved in a car accident, it’s natural for your body to tense up upon impact, which can cause strain on your back and neck muscles. This reaction often can cause aches and pains for weeks after an accident but can also be signs of a more serious back injury.

You should request an examination from an emergency medical responder or a primary care physician as soon as possible when you have been involved in a car accident. If you have not yet seen a medical professional for an evaluation, you should contact a Front Royal personal injury attorney to review your situation and find an appropriate source for a diagnosis.

When you experience any of the following symptoms, it may be necessary to see a specialist to diagnose a serious back injury:

  • chronic pain that does not seem to be triggered by any specific event;
  • loss of sensation in extremities;
  • tingling, numbness or radiating pain in the arms or legs; and
  • loss of spinal flexibility.

Damage to your spinal column, the discs between your vertebrae and the nerves in your spinal cord all can result in back pain that may be relieved only with surgery. There are several types of back injuries that can occur from a car accident that make surgical treatments necessary to restore function and resolve discomfort.

Continue reading to learn more about the injuries that may result in the need for back surgery and how a personal injury attorney (1-540-636-7100) can help you seek compensation for the expense of these procedures.

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