Every day, millions of people get into their cars to drive to work, to run errands or to go on vacation and don’t give the experience a second thought. However, for some people, the idea of climbing into their cars and turning the ignition key brings on an indescribable feeling of dread and fear. 

For these people, the phobia is associated with being in a car accident in the past. A personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for anxiety or phobia brought on by a car accident.

 What is car accident anxiety and phobia? 

Anxiety is a mental disorder characterized by multiple and nonspecific worries that interfere with the person's life in some way. Recovery from anxiety begins by recognizing the typical symptoms and seeking medical attention immediately. 

For people who have been in a car accident, anxiety can manifest itself in a combination of physical and emotional symptoms, including: 

  • irritability;
  • becoming tired easily;
  • trouble concentrating;
  • feeling as if the mind is going "blank;"
  • restlessness or feeling edgy;
  • muscle tension; and
  • sleep problems (trouble falling or staying asleep or sleep that is full of nightmares). 

Anxiety also can co-exist with a phobia that results in the person avoiding certain situations or overcompensating to stay safe. 

A car accident victim may exhibit phobic behavior when he or she: 

  • avoids driving or refuses to be a passenger in a car;
  • refuses to return to the scene of the accident;
  • relives the trauma of the crash in repeated nightmares and flashbacks;
  • obsesses over trying to stay safe and to keep loved ones safe; and
  • compulsively rechecks safety devices on the car to make sure they are working. 

What must your Front Royal personal injury attorney prove in a car accident case? 

In order to receive compensation for your anxiety or phobia, your personal injury attorney must show that the anxiety or phobia was caused by the accident and medical care was or is currently needed to treat the anxiety or phobia. 

Proving that a car accident caused your anxiety or phobia is not an easy matter. A prior history of anxiety will present special challenges in showing that the car accident exacerbated your preexisting condition. The testimony of your doctors and other medical specialists will be crucial in proving that you have anxiety as the result of the car accident. 

Take Action with a Front Royal Personal Injury Attorney 

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