After a serious car crash in Virginia, many people find themselves in a dreadful situation. Pain and suffering, anxiety about healing and rehabilitation, financial and professional worries; they all pile up and up.

Now the insurance adjuster has offered to settle your case quickly and is due to call you for a meeting.

What should you expect?
The question has two facets, the person and the case. In other words,

  1. Will this person understand your situation and do his or her best to reimburse you for all the damage you have suffered?
  2. Is your case strong enough to warrant a fair settlement?


Who is the insurance adjuster?
Insurance adjusters are paid by insurance carriers who want to limit the amount of out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible. The bigger your claim, the harder they will fight; the insurance adjuster is their mercenary who is paid to do the fighting. His or her first objective is to keep the case out of court and to settle with you. The adjuster has a lot of tactics at hand to achieve his or her goal, from tempting you with an immediate cash settlement to letting the case drag on until you are starved of cash. He or she will use threats or kindness accordingly.

How does the adjuster look at your case?
You may be sure about your case right now, but your confidence may start melting like snow in the sun when the insurance adjuster starts making comments like:


  • You were partly or entirely at fault for the accident because...
  • Your medical treatment was not necessary, or was too expensive.
  • Your injuries are not supported by the damage to the car.
  • Your injuries are not proven, or may have resulted from a previous incident.
  • You already had treatment for this type of injury prior to the crash.
  • Your loss of income calculation is not sufficiently documented, or is exaggerated.
  • The calculated provision for future medical expenses needs to be reviewed.


Do not allow yourself to be bullied by a financial company that has never had your interests at heart. You have a right to just compensation but, more often than not, this right will have to be fought for. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Virginia traffic accident, you need to speak with an experienced Virginia car crash lawyer. Contact our Warrenton or Culpeper office today to schedule a free accident case discussion.

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