Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury after a Car Accident 

When the damage is severe or extensive, it may result in serious consequences. A TBI could prevent an individual from working in their former job or career field. In some cases, victims may be able to find new work, but for others, it may be impossible to hold down a job. 

There may also be social consequences of a TBI, especially if it has impacted the victim’s personality. Personality changes may be difficult for others to accept and may affect victims' social lives and ability to carry on normal relationships. 

Psychologically, victims may suffer depression, anxiety, or even post-traumatic stress disorder. Treatment will depend on the specifics of the injury. It may require therapy, rehabilitation, surgery, medication, and more. 

Because of these consequences, victims of TBI may be out of work or may not bring in the same wages as they used to; significant medical expenses may add more stress. 

The cost to treat a TBI can run into the thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Between the loss of earnings and mounting bills, it may leave victims wondering if there is any legal recourse available. 

Contacting a Front Royal Personal Injury Attorney 

Contact a personal injury attorney immediately after a car accident. A car accident attorney can help determine the types of damages to which you may be entitled, such as medical/hospital bills, lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, and more. 

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