Tips for Teens: 

  •  Be smart. Don’t text and drive. No text message is worth being distracted while you drive. 
  •  Be in control. Remember it’s your phone. You decide if and when to send and read texts so take control. 
  •  Consider turning your phone off, setting it to silent or even storing it in the glove box before hitting the road. 
  •  Be caring. Never send a text message to a friend who is driving to meet you, or to anyone you know is likely behind the wheel.
  • Be a BFF. Friends don’t let each other text and drive. Visit AT&T's Facebook page to take a pledge not to text and drive, and encourage your friends to do the same.   

Tips for Adults: 

  •  Be a resource. Share information with your teen about the risks of texting while driving. 
  •  Be an example. Don’t send the wrong message by texting while you drive. 
  •  Be caring. Don’t send a text when you know your teen is driving. Wait for them to call or text you once they have arrived safely at their destination. 
  •  Be aware. Know that texting while driving is a real an present danger.
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