Back injuries are common in a car accident. Even a minor impact can lead to painful injuries such as a herniated disc. To learn if another party may be held liable, contact a Front Royal personal injury attorney today. 

What is a herniated disc? 

In between the vertebra of the spinal column are spinal discs, which act as a cushion during movement. Inside the shell of these discs is a substance that can leak out if there is an injury to it. 

Sometimes a car accident results in an injury to the disc that results in pressure being put on a nerve root. This can cause pain to shoot throughout the individual’s body. 

The location and intensity of pain will depend on the location of the herniated disc. For instance, if it occurs in the neck, it can cause pain to radiate into the arms. If it occurs in the lower back, pain can radiate through the legs. 

A variety of tests can be performed to diagnose a herniated disc including an electromyography, CT scan or MRI. Although these tests can detect this type of injury, they cannot measure the degree of pain that an individual is experiencing. 

To convey the level of pain you are feeling to a judge, jury or insurance company, you should enlist the help of an experienced Front Royal personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help compile all the necessary information so that others may understand the extent of your pain. 

What types of compensation are available for a herniated disc?

If you can prove that someone else’s negligence was the cause of your car accident and resulting injuries, you could be entitled to compensation. You may need to try a few different treatments to find something that works. Meanwhile your medical expenses are adding up. Compensation could be available for all of these costs. 

In addition, if you are unable to work because of your car accident, your lost income may be recoverable. However, there may be other types of damages you can seek, such as pain and suffering, disability, etc. 

Contacting a Front Royal Personal Injury Attorney 

Unfortunately, a herniated disc can sometimes result in weeks, months or even a lifetime of pain. This will depend on the severity of your injury. As a result, you could be entitled to compensation that addresses more than just the expenses you have incurred. To learn what your legal rights are, contact a Front Royal personal injury attorney at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas. 

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