You thought your luck couldn’t get any worse. You were already seriously injured by another driver’s negligence. You are already in pain and out of work because of someone else’s mistake. What else could go wrong?

You May Learn That the Other Driver Is Uninsured

It can be frustrating to learn that the other driver had no car insurance, meaning he has no means to compensate you for your accident injuries. It can also be maddening to learn that the driver did not break any Virginia laws by driving without insurance within Virginia and putting you in this position.

However, before you panic and begin wondering how you are going to pay your bills and medical expenses, it is important to look at your own car insurance policy. If you have uninsured motorist coverage on your own car insurance policy, your insurance company may be responsible for compensating you for your accident injuries.

You Could Learn the Insurance Company You Pay is Fighting Against You

While your insurance company may have the legal responsibility to pay you for your injuries, it may not be as simple as it sounds. Once your insurance company learns that the other driver was uninsured, then your insurance company may become your adversary in your accident case. Your insurance company has the right to act like the defendant in an accident case and fight against your claim.

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