As a construction worker, you have a higher risk of suffering an eye injury than a worker in most other industries. According to the Center to Protect Workers’ Rights, more than 10,000 construction workers in the United States suffer an eye injury every year. For some workers, an eye injury may mean a minor irritation; for other workers an eye injury may mean permanent blindness. Still, for many other workers, an eye injury means something between those two extremes.

How Eye Injuries Occur—and How They Can Be Prevented—on Virginia Construction Sites

Construction site eye injuries occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Debris. Small particles, dust, and other matter in the air at a construction site can cause serious eye injuries.
  • Burns. Chemicals can cause a serious eye burn.

Some of these injuries may be prevented if:

  • Workers wear appropriate safety goggles.
  • Workers wear plastic face shields when necessary and when performing certain activities that are more likely to result in potential eye injuries.
  • Specific safety procedures are followed for specific jobs, such as welding.

Your employer should be providing you with the necessary safety equipment and training so that you can avoid a serious eye injury. Of course, prevention is not your primary concern if you have already suffered an eye injury on a Virginia construction site. Instead, your primary concern has changed, and your focus is now on how to recover from your injury and make the most of the rest of your life if you have suffered a permanent eye injury.

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