When we get into a Virginia auto accident we can suffer many different types of injuries. Many times the injuries we sustain are broken bones, bruises, cuts or scrapes, neck, and back pain. This isn’t a comprehensive list of all possible injuries, but it includes some of the most common circumstances. There are many different types of treatment for these injuries and they don’t always require the traditional treatment. One of the up and coming popular treatments for a back and neck injury from a car accident is chiropractic care. 

Many people are unaware of the treatments they can receive from a chiropractor. In many states and with many insurance policies, this type of treatment is covered under your auto insurance. Unlike seeing a surgeon or physical therapist, a chiropractor can take x-rays and identify areas of your spine that are out of alignment. This misalignment could be causing pinched nerves, herniated discs, and other problems. Given the force that is exerted on the body during a car accident, it is easy to dislocate vertebrae and ligaments on your spine and extremities. If you choose to receive chiropractic care, your chiropractor will work with your body to gently put everything back into alignment using specific techniques with hands and sometimes a few simple tools. This process then allows the body to heal itself from any injuries sustained by creating the proper blood flow needed for healing. 

There are many different types of treatments that you can receive after becoming injured in a Warrenton auto accident. It’s important to know all your options to allow yourself to get the best care for you and to get you back to living your life. 

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