During our morning commute to work every day we are thinking about many different things. Did I shut off the coffee pot? What do I need to get done after work? And more. One of the things we rarely consider is the possibility of an accident or injury at work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continuously releases workplace statistics regarding the fatal and nonfatal injuries that employees suffer. Increasing your knowledge of the dangers at your particular job can help you learn how to prevent a workplace injury and keep you from having to file a Virginia workers’ compensation claim.

Regardless of your job description, injuries can happen. According to the CDC, there are some jobs that have an increased risk of injury, but precautions and safety measures should be taken by everyone. Some of the latest statistics released are:

  • 15 workers lose their lives daily from a traumatic injury on the job
  • 4 million workers have suffered a nonfatal injury at the workplace
  • Private-sector jobs suffer 11,500 nonfatal injuries in which over half require a job transfer
  • Hospitals see around 9,000 workers in the emergency room each day for work injuries
  • 200 workers have to be hospitalized each day as a result of their injuries

The CDC is not the only place that releases workplace injury statistics. The Bureau of Labor also releases their own findings. One of the major finds from the Bureau that state and local government workers have a significantly higher number of nonfatal injuries than their private sector counterparts. 

The Bureau of Labor also found that the occupations suffering the most injuries are police officers and fireman. This is not surprising given their line of work. The next occupation with a high level of injury is state government hospital workers. They tend to have one and a half times the injuries of private sector hospital workers.

Injuring yourself at work can be a huge disruption and headache for anyone, especially if you are having trouble getting the workers’ compensation that you deserve. If you are suffering from a Warrenton workers’ compensation situation, we are here to help guide you. Contact our office today at (540) 341-0007 for your free consultation.

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