There have been several campaigns recently to help stop texting and driving. Celebrities and victims have created public service announcements and pledges. There are simply far too many Virginia car accidents due to someone texting while driving. What police have found is the risk and danger increases in a road construction area. 

There are many reasons why construction zones could be even worse for distracting driving. The top four reasons are as follows:

  • Typically, a texting driver will notice they are swerving out of their lane and immediately correct themselves before anyone is injured. In a construction zone, the lanes are temporarily made narrower to accommodate the space needed for equipment and workers. If a driver swerves in this situation, he or she runs the risk of hitting equipment or workers, as well as other cars.
  • Depending on the type of road you are traveling on, you may find yourself on a lengthy stretch of straight lanes with little variation. Often times in a construction zone, shifting lanes are more common. This is especially true when workers are moving from one side of the project to the other. Texting while driving will keep you from noticing any sudden, unexpected shifts in your lane.
  • Traffic flow is not always consistent in construction zones. Sometimes a large piece of equipment needs to move somewhere and take up the road for a few minutes. This can cause some stop-and-go traffic. If the driver is not paying attention to the traffic, a rear-ending accident is likely to occur.
  • Construction workers wear bright, reflective clothing for a very specific purpose. They need to be seen. Sadly, if a driver isn’t paying attention to the road, it doesn’t matter what the worker is wearing. Workers can be hit easily by a distracted driver because the driver doesn’t have enough time to react.

It’s very important to understand the risks associated with distracted driving. This is especially true for the current teen population. This generation is so attached to their cell phones that they forget to pay attention to the people around them and what they are doing behind the wheel.  If you have suffered a serious injury from someone not paying attention, we are here to help you. Call us today to get your free consultation regarding what rights and compensation may be available to you.

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