When it comes to motorcycle accidents, everyone thinks they know what the leading cause of crashes is:

“It’s the motorcycle rider personality: they are reckless!”
“It’s other drivers who don’t want to share the road!”
“It’s the bikes—they simply lack safety features!”
“It’s the culture: motorcycle riders drink and speed!”

While the above assertions are true in some cases, none pinpoint the single leading cause of Virginia motorcycle accidents: rider inexperience. Far too many bike crashes occur because a rider unknowingly takes a curve too fast, or doesn’t use caution on uneven pavement, or brakes too hard when approaching stopped traffic. Why is rider inexperience such a serious issue with motorcycle riders?

•    Motorcycles are simply harder to operate than other vehicles. Cars are relatively simple to operate. Motorcycles, on the other hand, require increased amounts of coordination and balance—and the use of your entire body. Because of the higher amounts of skill required, it takes longer to gain experience and become proficient at the task.
•    Motorcycles often aren’t a primary form of transportation. People generally log more time behind the wheel of a car than on a bike. Motorcycles are more likely to be weekend vehicles, vacation vehicles, or special occasion vehicles, while many people will commute or drive to the store in their car. The result is that most motorcycle riders don’t ride every day or even every week.
•    Most motorcycle riders don’t begin riding young. With cars, you likely began driving soon after you were old enough to get a permit. Many motorcycle riders, though, don’t learn to ride until they buy a bike or until they have a few years of driving experience.
•    Motorcycle riders can become rusty over the winter. Unlike cars, which are often driven year-round, motorcycles often spend at least a few months of the year in the garage. By spring, some motorcycle riders may need a tune-up themselves when it comes to operating their bike.  

Have you or a loved one been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by rider inexperience? If so, you may deserve compensation for your losses, including medical bills, missed wages, and pain and suffering. Talk to a Virginia motorcycle accident attorney today about your case to learn your best options for legal action. Call 540-825-6046.

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