You noticed plenty of cars around you prior to your accident. The road was far from deserted. However, when you get over the initial shock of being involved in a motor vehicle collision, you look around and you notice that the road does now seem deserted. It seems that the only ones left anywhere near the accident scene are you and the people in the other vehicles involved in the crash.

Why Did Everyone Leave?

There are many reasons why other drivers, pedestrians, bikers, and witnesses to your accident may leave the scene of the crash even if they have a duty to remain at the scene. Some of these reasons include:

  • Being in a hurry.
  • Being afraid of the police.
  • Not understanding their responsibilities to stop and participate in the accident investigation.
  • Simply not caring to do so.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why the others left. Everyone has their own personal reasons for the actions that they take and you can’t control or change those actions. You can, however, control what you do next.

Contact a Front Royal Car Accident Lawyer for Help

If you have been hurt in a Front Royal car accident, it is important to get the help that you need to recover, regardless of the actions taken by others. There are ways to determine what really happened at your accident scene, even in the absence of eye witnesses. The police and your Virginia car accident attorney may, for example, examine the physical evidence available and question all of the parties to the accident. Additionally, some witnesses to the crash may later come forward or be found by the police, investigators, or attorneys.

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