Prior to your Virginia truck accident, there were days that you didn’t want to go to work. However, there weren’t days that you weren’t grateful for the paycheck you received. Now that you can’t work, or can’t work the same hours at the same job that you did prior to your accident injuries, you are concerned about your paycheck and, more importantly, about how you are going to continue supporting yourself and your family.

Virginia Personal Injury Law May Allow You to Recover for Your Lost Income

You didn’t cause the truck accident that resulted in your injuries, and you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences for the crash. The doctors are doing everything they can to alleviate the physical consequences of your accident, and you and your Virginia truck accident attorney need to do everything that you can to alleviate the financial consequences of your accident. 

The first step in managing the financial consequences of your accident is to understand your rights. If you have been hurt by the negligent or deliberate actions of someone else, and you are unable to work as a result, then you may be entitled to compensation. Compensation may include money for:

  • The income you have been unable to earn since the date of your accident.
  • The reduction of your income if you have been unable to work the same number of hours as you did prior to the crash or the same job for the same pay as you did prior to the crash.
  • The income you may be unable to earn in the future because of your injuries.

This income may mean the difference between staying in your home, moving, or selling or keeping important, family-owned assets, for example.

Contact a Virginia Truck Accident Injury Lawyer for Help Keeping What’s Yours

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