The possible repercussions of risky driving are not breaking news. We know that texting and driving, speeding, drunk driving and overall recklessness are all actions that can lead to a serious Virginia car wreck. But did you know that dangerous driving can increase the risk of mortality even outside of a vehicle? That is what the Motor Vehicle Record Study by LexisNexis and RGA Reinsurance Company has uncovered.

Risky Driving is Bad—Here’s a Reason Why

The study reviewed over 7.4 million motor vehicle records. According to the data analyzed, drivers who have significant violations, such as driving while intoxicated, have a higher chance of dying. Researchers concluded that the all-cause mortality rate was 70 percent greater among drivers with major violations than those who do not have such infractions. They also found that when drivers had six or more violations, their mortality rate jumped 80 percent higher.

Below are some other startling findings associated with the study:

  • Female drivers who had major violations had a 100 percent higher all-cause mortality rate than those who do not have a bad driving record. 
  • One significant driving violation increased the all-cause mortality rate by as much as 51 percent.
  • Drivers with 2 to 5 infractions on their records face a 24 percent or higher mortality rate.

Elliott Wallace of LexisNexis commented in a press release that their research “shows that motor vehicle records can be a reliable indicator of lifestyle risk for insurance applicants.” What does that mean to you? Reevaluate your driving behavior and you could improve your life overall.

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