Negligence is the Common Factor in Most Fatal Truck Accident Claims 

The common thread with all fatal truck accidents comes down to negligence. Some party involved, whether it be a driver or a company, had to have been negligent in some way to cause a truck accident that would allow for a wrongful death claim to be filed by your Warrenton truck accident attorney

Common negligent events and behaviors that can lead to fatal truck accidents include: 

  • driver fatigue because of going over the regulated driving allowances;
  • failure to properly inspect and maintain truck and equipment;
  • faulty trucks because of manufacturers’ defects;
  • distracted drivers impaired by controlled substances or cell phone use;
  • improperly loaded trucks or dangerous cargo; and
  • reckless driving. 

When your family is the victim of another’s negligence in a fatal truck accident it’s time to contact a Warrenton truck accident attorney before you begin filing your claim. Proving negligence involves determining the cause of the truck accident, individuals or companies responsible, and the damages you suffered because of those negligent parties. 

Seeking Help When a Truck Accident Fatality Claim is Overwhelming 

Your family will be dealing with the loss of your loved one and filing a negligence claim against a truck driver, company or manufacturer is not going to be a top priority. This is where a Warrenton truck accident attorney can become your advocate in seeking the compensation you are entitled to in a claim against these negligent parties. 

Without the right evidence and knowledge to negotiate a fair settlement your family could be missing out on the compensation you deserve. Even if the truck accident was a common type, no two accident claims are the same and require individual attention to come to a fair and proper settlement agreement. 

Contacting a Local Warrenton Truck Accident Attorney For Help 

The Warrenton truck accident attorneys at Dulaney, Lauer, Thomas, LLP are here to help accident victims in Warrenton, Culpeper, Front Royal, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Louisa with cases of injury and loss from auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, crashes caused by drunk drivers or uninsured motorists, workplace injuries, and wrongful deaths. 

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