Your child looks so grown up in her prom gown. He looks almost like a man in his tuxedo. As your children get ready for prom night, you hope that all of the serious talks you’ve had over the years are remembered. You hope that unnecessary risks won’t be taken and that lives won’t be ruined on what should be a magical and fun night. However, as you remind your child about the potential dangers of drugs, drinking, and casual sex, it is also important to remind your almost-but-not-quite-grown-up child about the risks of car accidents on prom night.

How to Avoid Warren County Prom Night Car Accidents

As your child celebrates this special night, it is important to keep her child safe. You may help your child avoid the physical and emotional pain of a car accident, or worse—death from car accident injuries by:

  • Insisting on a limo. Limos aren’t just for looks or for fun on prom night.  A professional limo driver may help keep prom-goers safe from serious car crashes.
  • Reminding your child of the consequences of drunk and distracted driving. If your child will be the driver, then remind him what your expectations are, what the law is, and what the consequences of breaking the law or house rules may be long after prom night is over.
  • Encouraging your child to call you if the driver is drunk or unreliable. Remind your child that you will not be mad and that you will go get him, no questions asked, if he feels unsafe.

None of these things should take away your child’s enjoyment of prom night, but any of these things may help protect your child’s future.

When to Contact a Warren County Car Accident Attorney

If your child has been injured in a prom night, crash then it is important to contact an experienced Warren County car accident lawyer for a free consultation about his or her rights and possible recovery. You can reach our Front Royal car accident lawyers via this website or by calling 540-636-7100 or 888-534-5346 today. 

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