Finding the right auto accident lawyer after a serious vehicle crash in Virginia can be challenging. There seem to be so many lawyers these days – how are you supposed to find not just a good one, but a GREAT one?


Here are THREE big things to look for when hiring a lawyer to handle your car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian accident case.



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What to look for in a Virginia auto accident attorney:


  1. PROVEN EXPERIENCE:  Don’t make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced attorney or one who does not typically handle cases like yours.  Make sure you ask to see actual case results, and ask about cases the lawyer has handled that are similar to yours.  Don’t just go with an attorney who can “talk the talk” – you need somebody who can also show they know how to “walk the walk”!
  2. PERSONAL ATTENTION:  At some firms, you’ll meet with a slick lawyer who will seem like the greatest attorney ever, and you’ll be dazzled by all the promises he or she makes.  However, once you hire that person you may never see them again!  Make sure you find out who will be handling your case, and who you’ll be talking to on a regular basis.  If you’re going to get passed on to a junior attorney or a paralegal and never see that great lawyer again, think twice.
  3. WILLINGNESS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS:  When looking for the right attorney, take a list of questions.  You should ask things like “how many car accident cases have you handled?”, “of those, how many went to trial, how many were settled, and how many were successful?”, “how long have you practiced law?”, and “what is your fee structure?”  By asking a lot of questions, not only will you get an idea of the kind of business the lawyer is in, but you’ll also find out if he or she has something to hide.  An evasive or impatient attorney may not be a good choice if you want somebody who will give your case the time and attention it deserves.


Our attorneys have what it takes to get GREAT results!


If you need an auto accident lawyer, we invite you to contact us today to speak with one of our Virginia personal injury attorneys.  Bring us your questions, your concerns, and your hopes – we have a proven track record and a willingness to serve.  Call one of our offices today for an informative discussion for no cost or obligation.

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