Accidents involving 18-wheelers are devastating in more ways than one. Large and heavy trucks, like tractor-trailers or dump trucks, cause terrible destruction and injuries because of their sheer size, weight, and strength.

There is unfortunately another aspect of large truck crashes in Virginia that can make a victim's life miserable. Most large trucks are operated by motor carriers, which are usually big corporations operating hundreds or thousands of vehicles. They are covered by even larger insurance companies dealing with dozens of truck crashes every week. Claiming damages from these corporations is a different ballgame than negotiating a settlement with an individual car driver.

There Is a Lot at Stake for Motor Carriers

Trucking companies are required to follow the federal and state safety regulations covering:


  • Truck driver license, record, qualifications, health, and alcohol and drug tests
  • Hours of service and rest time, including maximum per day and per week
  • Truck inspection and maintenance regarding tires, brakes, lights, and cargo tie-downs
  • Load weight, dangerous products, and other permits

The compensation due to victims killed or injured in a Virginia truck accident is likely to be a substantial if the truck is found to have caused the crash, and a breach of any of the numerous rules by the motor carrier or truck driver could seriously weaken their defense or even aggravate their liability.

Why Act Immediately?

This is the reason why, after the crash of one of their trucks, a motor carrier will immediately dispatch a team to the scene to find out what happened, take pictures, interrogate witnesses, and potentially remove whatever evidence there is that could be harmful for their case.
A successful defense of your rights also requires you to act swiftly, which is why you need an experienced truck accident attorney who will:



  • Ask for the police report
  • Get statements from witnesses
  • Analyze the scene, reconstruct the accident, inspect the road and vehicles, and decide if a truck wreck expert should make on-the-scene brake tests
  • Request, collect, and copy the truck driver's records, cell phone information, qualification file, motor carrier's record, safety violation history, and permits

After a crash with a large truck in Virginia, you probably need help from an experienced and determined truck crash law firm like Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Virginia truck crash, please contact our Warrenton or Culpeper office today to discuss your accident case.


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