After an on-the-job injury in Virginia, it can be difficult to figure out what you are really entitled to.  Filing for Virginia workers’ comp is no picnic either, and you could encounter problems with paperwork, a difficult employer, or an unhelpful insurance adjuster.


Knowing your rights after a workplace accident in Virginia can be key to protecting yourself and getting the compensation you deserve.  Here are five of the big Virginia workers’ comp myths that you should be aware of”


MYTH #1:  You will automatically get “free” medical treatment for your work-related injuries, and it will be provided with no fuss by your employer’s insurance company (unfortunately, many insurance companies and employers will fight and push back on getting you the treatment you need!)


MYTH #2:  If you file a Virginia workers’ comp claim, your employer will get in trouble or you could be fired (No!  Your employer won’t get in trouble – that is why they have workers’ comp insurance.  And they can’t fire you for getting hurt, that would be illegal).


MYTH #3:  All you have to do is tell your employer about your accident, and they will take care of everything (it isn’t this easy – you need to complete a fair amount of paperwork, and your employer and their insurance company may still push back on your claim).


MYTH #4:  Your employer will hold your job open and wait for you to get better so you can return to work when you are ready (you could actually end up in a position that pays less – this is a tricky one).


MYTH#5:  You can go back to work when you are ready (actually there are limits on how long you can receive workers’ comp benefits after being hurt, and if the doctor you are seeing thinks you are no longer incapacitated, you’ll have no choice).


These are just a few of the Virginia workers’ comp myths that you should be aware of.  Unfortunately applying for VA workers’ comp benefits is not as easy as it should be.  To get help with your Virginia on-the-job injury claim, please contact either our Culpeper or Warrenton office.




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