Virginia drunk driving accidents don’t just leave physical scars; they have a lasting emotional impact, as well. It is not uncommon to feel angry, frustrated and even fearful after being hurt by a drunk driver.

It’s hard to believe that people still get behind the wheel after having one too many drinks. There are countless dollars spent on drunk driving awareness campaigns. Organizations work hard to educate the public on the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Commercials, billboards, and other advertisements remind people of the grave consequences of driving under the influence. Yet, drivers still put others on the road in jeopardy when they make the tragic decision to drive drunk. If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident in Virginia, you need to be aware of the damages associated with the emotional impact of the crash.

A Drunk Driving Accident Can Hurt You Emotionally

Whether you were the one hurt in the accident, or the person injured was your family member, there is often a lot of emotional pain involved. Knowing that you have to deal with the aftermath caused by a negligent driver can be difficult to swallow. Why should you have to suffer when you weren’t the one who made the dangerous decision to drive drunk?

You may be able to hold the drunk driver responsible for his or her actions. There are many damages that might be available to you, including compensation for emotional suffering. In some cases, you may also be able to go after punitive damages, which are designed to punish the drunk driver.

What Should You Do Now?

As you try to process what has happened to you and your family, you will likely start to have many questions. You may be wondering your rights and the compensation you could be entitled to. Your first step in getting answers should involve a Warrenton drunk driving accident attorney. An experienced lawyer will listen to your story and explain your options under the law. The law firm of Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas represents those who have been harmed by drunk drivers and may be able to help you.

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