Motorcycle riders know that, should they get involved in a serious Virginia bike crash, the helmet they wear might save their life and prevent terrible injuries. Having defended countless motorcyclists who went through the ordeal of a bike crash, we would like to stress how important it is not just to wear a helmet at all times, but to choose the right one for you. When you buy a helmet, it may be useful to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not buy cheap: Ban the lower priced helmets that are made of less resistant material and check whether the helmet is DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. You will find a sticker on the back or a tag in the liner that confirms it is DOT-approved, which means the make and model has been tested for impact, penetration, retention and peripheral vision. Be careful if you buy your helmet online, and never buy a second-hand helmet that may have been weakened by a previous accident or shock.
  • Buy a full-face helmet: A half-helmet may reduce the odds of sustaining a brain or skull injury but will not protect your face adequately. Falling on the harsh road surface might devastate your face. Three-quarter helmets are slightly better if you have a snap-on face shield or wear impact-resistant goggles. Remember that prescription glasses or sunglasses do not protect your eyes against stones or other debris from vehicles in front of you.
  • Size and shape: Do not make the mistake of choosing a helmet that does not fit your head shape perfectly and feels uncomfortable. Try several helmets and wear the one you select for at least 10 minutes before making your final choice. 
    • The right helmet should have cheek pads that touch your cheeks without pressing.
    • The right helmet should not move vertically to the back or to the front. Remember that the wind will apply a lot of pressure on the face and will tend to lift it.
    • When you press on the chin piece, the face shield should not touch your nose or chin.
    • When you tighten the chinstraps, the helmet should stay firmly in place and should certainly not allow you to turn your head right or left inside the helmet.

Remember that a fall on a hard surface irremediably weakens the best helmet.

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