In order to collect workers’ compensation insurance in Virginia, you must have been hurt on the job. If you were hurt at the main site of your business during your regular work hours, then this requirement may be undisputed, but what happens if you were off site? Can you still recover Virginia workers’ compensation? Is there still a reason to contact a Winchester workers’ compensation lawyer?

You May Be Able to Recover if You Were Working Off Site

Generally, you are entitled to workers’ compensation if you were working. What constitutes working is decided on a case-by-case basis. For example, a general rule that precludes recoveries for people while they are in their cars would not be appropriate. While workers’ compensation generally does not cover an employee who is hurt on the way to work or on the way home from work, it would cover an employee who is making a delivery for work.

You may be able to recover if you were preforming your job duties off site (e.g. at a client’s office, a work site, etc.) or if you were in a place that your employer would reasonably expect you to be during the course of your work day.

Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Help You Get the Recovery That You Deserve

Workers’ compensation insurers, like other insurance companies, make money by paying out as little as possible in claims. Some workers’ compensation insurance companies may try to deny valid claims or get you to settle your case for less than it is really worth. 

An experienced Winchester workers’ compensation lawyer can help you fight for the recovery that you truly deserve. For more information, we encourage you to contact one of our experienced Virginia workers’ comp lawyers today at 888-534-5346 for a free consultation about your legal rights and possible recovery.

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