Your child is now of the age where he can get a license. He couldn’t be more excited and you couldn’t be more frightened. Is this child ready to get behind the wheel? Will he know what to do to avoid a car accident? Is he mature enough to always drive safely and to avoid serious car accident injuries?

Things to Consider Before Your Child Gets a Virginia License

There are legitimate, and often difficult, questions that parents should ask and answer before allowing their minor child to get a driver’s license. Before you let your teen get a license consider:

  • His maturity. Does your child study? Is he responsible when he is left home alone? Does he honor his commitments? Does he seem to understand the consequences of risky behavior?
  • Requiring more drivers’ education. Before your child applies for a driver’s license, he should log many hours behind the wheel with you in the car so that you can assess whether he is ready to get his license.
  • Entering into a contract with your child. Your child should be willing to enter into a contract with you that explains your driving rules. For example, you may only allow your child to drive during certain hours, you may prohibit passengers, you may require that cell phones stay in the glove compartment, or you may have other safety rules that you feel are important. The contract should explain the rules and the clear consequences for violating the rules. 

So many parenting decisions come down to your gut instinct. This decision is no different. You know your child, and you will know when the time is right for your child to drive.

Know What to Do if Your Child Is in an Accident

Your child may be ready to drive, and your child may have done everything right on the day that he was hurt in a Warrenton car accident. Not all accidents involving teen drivers are the fault of teen drivers. If your child has been hurt, and you believe that someone else’s negligent or deliberate acts caused your child’s injuries, then please call our experienced Warrenton car accident lawyers for a FREE consultation. You can reach us via this website or by calling 540-341-0007 or 888-907-2631.

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