The day started like any other, but it ended with you in pain and concerned about your future. That was the day you went to work and you knew that you had suffered a back injury. While your injury may have been the result of a sudden accident or developed slowly over time, your life is now defined by that day. You are unable to work, you are unable to take of your personal business, and you can’t even play with your children or grandchildren. What should you do now? How will you recover from your injury and get your life back on track?

What to Do if You Hurt Your Back at Work

If you’ve suffered a back injury, then it is important to:

  • Get the medical care that you need. You can, and should, visit your own doctor. You are not required to only get medical advice and treatment from the doctor that your employer tells you to go see. These doctors may not adequately assess your injuries and may send you back to work too early.
  • Report your injury, but be wary of giving recorded statements. You should notify your boss that you have been hurt and of your expected time out of work. However, you should not give recorded or written statements without speaking to a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer.
  • Call an experienced Virginia workers’ compensation attorney. Your lawyer will give you step-by-step advice about how to protect your claim.

Above all, you want to make sure that you take care of yourself physically and protect your potential workers’ compensation claim so that your physical injury does not result in a financial tragedy.

Call a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Virginia Today for Help after a Back Injury

You do not have to go through this alone. You do not have to guess about whether or not you are getting a fair settlement. You do not have to worry that your rights are not being protected. Instead, you can contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Virginia via this website or by calling 888-907-2631 for more information.

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