Car accident scenes are chaotic. There may be things that simply don’t make sense to you, or even to the trained police investigators who come to the scene. As everyone struggles to provide care for those who have been injured in the accident, and to prevent further accidents due to the first accident, it can be challenging to connect all the dots and make sense of everything at the accident scene.

What May Be Confusing

Countless things may not make sense, and the specifics depend on what you saw at the scene of your accident. For example, it can be difficult to understand:

  • How pieces of the vehicles ended up where they did.
  • Whether some of the people at the scene saw the accident or appeared after the crash.
  • Whether a vehicle was moved after the crash.
  • Exactly how the injured people got hurt.

Therefore, if you notice an injury, a car that seems broken in a way that doesn’t make sense, or other factors, then it is important to mention them to your Warrenton car accident attorney.

Contact a Warrenton Car Accident Lawyer for Help​

An experienced Warrenton auto accident attorney has experience making sense of what seems to be unexplainable. A lawyer may be able to tell whether what you saw is relevant to your accident claim and how it could affect your potential recovery. Your job as the injured party who is trying to recover from accident injuries is to tell your lawyer everything that you know. Do not leave anything out. 

For more information, and to talk to a lawyer about your accident, please call a Warrenton auto accident lawyer today at (540) 341-0007 or (888) 907-2631. Our lawyers would be pleased to listen to your story and to review your legal rights and possible recovery with you.

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