Teenagers have bad reputations when it comes to driving safely. They are often considered to be distracted, inexperienced, and potentially dangerous on the road. That may be true, but a good teen driver may be able to teach his or her parent a thing or two that could help make everyone safer on Virginia roads.

3 Things You May Learn from Your Teen

As you teach your teen how to drive safely, it is also important that you listen to and learn from your teen. Specifically, you might learn that:

  1. Texting can wait. While too many teens and adults text and drive, a recent study showed that more adults were engaging in this dangerous distracted driving behavior than teens. If your teen is one of the responsible ones who does not use a phone while driving, it is important to follow your child’s lead and avoid texting and driving.
  2. It is OK to be cautious. Some new teen drivers are very cautious on the road. They always come to a full stop at stop signs, and they err on the side of caution when entering traffic. It may help some adults who have been driving a long time to remember the serious responsibility that they have to avoid crashes.
  3. Driving while drowsy is dangerous. Graduated license laws regulate when new drivers may drive, in part to avoid nighttime accidents. If you are tired, it is important to consider whether it is safe for you to drive.

Ideally, a teen’s driver’s education can be a time of learning for the whole family so that crashes can be avoided, injuries prevented, and lives saved.

Teens Don’t Have All the Answers – Call a Front Royal Car Accident Lawyer if You’ve Been Hurt in a Crash

We can’t count on teens to prevent all Virginia car accidents. If you have been hurt in a Virginia crash, we encourage you to contact an experienced Front Royal auto accident attorney today for a free consultation about your rights and possible recovery. We welcome your inquiry via this website or by phone at 540-636-7100 or 888-534-5346.

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