If you have been hurt in a Warrenton truck wreck, the insurance adjuster who represents the trucking company’s insurer is going to do a lot of talking. The adjuster is going to do his or her best to get you to settle your claim for the lowest possible amount so that the profits for his or her employer, the insurance company, can be maximized. To that end, there may be things that the insurance adjuster doesn’t tell you that are important for you to know so that you can get a fair recovery.

3 Things You May Not Hear from an Insurance Adjuster

Some of the things that you might not hear from an insurance adjuster include:

  1. You have the right to hire a Warrenton personal injury lawyer. An attorney will work for you, protect your rights, and fight for your fair and just recovery.
  2. What you say can, and likely will, be used against you. You are not talking to the police, but rather to an insurance company. The insurance company may use your statements against you when negotiating a settlement.
  3. There is no pressure to settle your case quickly. You are not required to settle your case by a time certain. The law requires you to file a lawsuit to protect your rights by the time the statute of limitations expires, but you are not required to settle your case within that time.

Insurance adjusters may also fail to say other things that can affect your rights to a fair recovery for your Virginia truck accident injuries. Thus, it is important to contact an experienced Virginia truck accident lawyer to discuss your potential recovery.

A Virginia Truck Accident Attorney Will Represent Your Interests

If you have suffered the serious injuries of a Virginia truck crash, you deserve to have someone fighting for you rather than against you. You deserve the representation of an experienced Warrenton truck accident lawyer. For more information about how a Warrenton truck accident attorney may be able to help you, please call our experienced attorneys today at 540-340-0007 or 888-907-2631 for a FREE consultation.

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