You knew it the minute that you were hit. This was not an ordinary car accident. It was not a fender bender, a rear-end accident, or even an intersection accident caused by a distracted driver. This was worse than you could have imagined and could not have been caused by a sober driver. The police investigation confirms what you knew in that first moment. The other driver who hit you was drunk. What will this mean for you and your legal recovery?

3 Ways Drunk Driving Cases May Be Different from Other Accident Cases

Drunk driving may be evidence of negligence and, thus, in many ways, be similar to other accident cases where you need to prove that another driver’s negligence caused your car crash and resulting injuries. However, drunk driving accidents do have some important differences from other types of car wrecks. Specifically:

  1. The evidence presented may be different. Toxicology reports and blood-alcohol contents will be relevant to your case if you were hurt by a drunk driver. Toxicology experts may be needed.
  2. The insurance company may fight your claim harder. The insurance company may be afraid that your potential recovery will be high because you were seriously hurt by a driver who was breaking the law by driving while intoxicated. Thus, the insurance adjuster may be less willing to make a fair settlement.
  3. Punitive damages may be possible. Typically, punitive damages are not awarded in Virginia car accident cases. However, if you have been hurt by a drunk driver, punitive damages may be possible.

Together, these differences can be significant to your Warrenton drunk driving accident recovery.

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