You are facing decisions that you never thought you would have to make. You never expected to be injured in a Virginia tractor-trailer accident. You never expected that, in an instant, your life would go from what was normal and routine to a life filled with doctors’ appointments, lost income, pain, and fear.

Yet, the unexpected has happened, and you have been hurt in a Virginia tractor-trailer crash. Everyone from your doctor to your boss to your neighbor may be giving you well-meaning advice about what to do next. Who do you trust? How do you know what to do?

3 Reasons You Should Talk to a Trusted Warrenton Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney

If you have been hurt in a Virginia tractor-trailer crash, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer because:

  • Trucking companies are likely to defend your claim vigorously. They do not want the consequences of an accident to be held against them, nor do they want to set a precedent of paying claims.
  • Insurance companies are likely to fight against your recovery. Quite simply, insurance companies make money by paying claimants like you as little as possible. Thus, you can’t count on a fair settlement offer being made by an insurance company unless you fight for it.
  • You have other things to worry about. You must deal with your own physical injuries and the disruption in your life. It can also be difficult to balance negotiating with the experienced attorneys of the trucking company and/or insurance company.

You have much to gain and nothing to lose by making a call to an experienced Warrenton truck crash attorney. We will provide you with direct and clear advice during a FREE consultation if you have been hurt in a Virginia tractor-trailer wreck.

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