Auto makers are always coming up with new technology to help make cars and trucks safer. Better airbags, back up sensors, hands free radio and phone controls on the steering wheel, etc. Unfortunately, these safety measures and any new creations can only work to a certain point. Sometimes the safety is up to the driver. A driver’s habits while behind the wheel can make or break a situation, many times resulting in whether they get involved in a Virginia car accident.

One of the newest and creative ways to make drivers safer is to hit them where it hurts—their pocket book. The insurance company Progressive has introduced something called the “Snapshot Discount.” On the surface it just looks like a gimmick to get more people to buy their insurance. If you take a deeper look you can see how it can mean much more than that.

The “Snapshot Discount” involves a device that fits into the diagnostic port below your steering wheel. It tracks your driving habits and as a result can offer you a lower insurance premium. The company looks at things like speeding, braking habits, take off speed from a stop, and other criteria, to judge how safe of a driver you are and what risk you pose to file a claim.

What’s particularly interesting are the psychological effects this device has on the driver. The device is visible during anytime the driver is behind the wheel, and it causes her to think about how she is driving. Drivers know that if they are gentler on the accelerator, or follow speed limits, it will affect their bottom-line. If they can save money on insurance premiums then they can spend it somewhere else on something they really want. They are also aware of someone “watching” them, and this in turn affects how they would typically drive.

There are always new and improved devices to make us safer while driving. Sometimes, even if drivers are being careful, there are still accidents. If your family has been involved in a Warrenton auto accident and needs guidance, we are here to help. The attorneys at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas have many years of experience dealing with Virginia auto accidents and are more than happy to help you. Contact them today at (540) 341-0007.



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