As many of us know, a DUI can wreck havoc on everyone involved. It gets much worse in the case of a Virginia wrongful death accident. Losing a loved one is difficult regardless of the reason, but when it’s at the negligence of someone else it can be even harder to handle.  

One of the lawsuits many people turn to in several states in this situation is dram shop liability. This puts liability on the bar or restaurant that sold the alcohol to the driver who was under the influence. The idea behind this is that the bartender failed to cut the customer off after he was visibly extremely intoxicated. Bartenders have the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone they choose, for a range of reasons. One of those reasons may be that a customer has lost control of himself and he appears to be a danger to himself and others. 

In the state of Virginia, this liability cannot be brought to the establishment. Unlike many other states, Virginia law states that the bar or restaurant is not at fault for any arrests or damages the person causes after leaving their place of business. Since this liability lawsuit is allowed in so many states, many people still try to use it in their case against the driver. However, it’s not a valid suit in Virginia.

Wrongful death situations can happen anytime someone loses their life because of someone else’s negligence. If you lost someone due to negligence, there are people ready to help you. Attorneys at Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas are well versed in the Virginia wrongful death laws and they can help you establish your case and get the compensation that is owed to you and your family. 

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