If you’ve gone to the trouble of hiring an attorney after being hurt in a Culpeper or Warrenton car wreck, you probably want to do everything you can to keep your case moving forward.  Above all, you want to feel like you did everything possible to WIN your case, and get the justice and compensation you deserve.


Here are some tips for Virginia auto accident victims looking to get the most from their case:

  • Keep in touch with your lawyer, and keep him or her up-to-date on your medical condition or any contact you may have with anyone involved in the case.
  • Follow your attorney’s advice.  This may seem obvious, but clients sometimes unwittingly ruin their own cases by failing to listen to what they are told to do (or not do!)
  • Don’t sign ANYTHING without first asking your attorney.  Even the most simple looking form could be the insurance company’s way to trick you.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders, because if you don’t the insurance company could blame YOU for your failure to improve.  And, see your doctor regularly to follow up on injuries from the accident – you want everything you’re going through to be documented.


It may help for you to view your attorney as a partner – you are both working together to secure that compensation you need to get on with your life after a tragic car crash.

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