Generally, the same Virginia personal injury laws apply to car and motorcycle accidents. You may be able to recover for your Virginia motorcycle accident injuries if another person’s, or entity’s, negligence caused your injuries—just as you were able to recover for your Virginia car accident injuries if someone else’s negligence caused your injury.

Another driver may have been negligent if he or she breached his duty of care to you by failing to act like a reasonable driver, especially if those actions or inactions resulted in your accident injuries.

While the same legal principles apply to both Virginia car crashes and motorcycle wrecks, there may be some important differences in your case. For example, Virginia has a universal helmet law that requires bikers to wear helmets. That law could be relevant to your bike crash claim, even though it had no bearing on your car accident case. 

Additionally, a motorcycle accident lawyer may be looking for different types of evidence in your unique bike accident crash than your car accident attorney looked for in your prior accident.

For more information about your current potential claim for your motorcycle accident injuries, we encourage you to contact one of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys for a free consultation.

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