If you are involved in a truck accident in Virginia because of spilled contents there are many different parties who can be held liable. If you live in Virginia, and are pursuing a truck accident claim, know that a law firm can help you through the process of placing responsibility on the negligent parties and estimating a value of compensation. 

Multiple parties can be held responsible. 

  • The trucker – If the driver drove recklessly, like taking a turn too fast or driving under the influence, they could have caused the contents of their load to spill leaving them at fault in an accident
  • The trucking company – If the truck was not properly maintained or if the cargo was not appropriate to be transported by truck the truck company could be liable if you decide to file a claim.
  • The cargo loaders and handlers – employees who loaded the cargo onto the truck may not have done so correctly which resulted in an accident. 

In some cases it may be found that all of these parties are responsible for a truck accident in Virginia. No matter who caused you to be injured in a truck accident, you should contact legal counsel in Virginia to pursue a truck accident claim that can help you cover medical bills and other expenses that you may encounter. 

An attorney can deal with the trucking company, drivers and insurance adjusters while you focus on recovering and returning to work and a normal life. 


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