It is nearly impossible to avoid hearing news of the various Toyota recalls, and many Virginia drivers have been affected.  Not only are the recalls themselves keeping reporters busy, but complaints and lawsuits are piling up against the giant automaker.  In fact, just recently two reports of Prius vehicles allegedly accelerating out of control have made national news headlines.


It isn’t just about Virginia Toyota owners finding themselves stuck in a car, truck, or SUV that won’t stop.  There are a variety of reasons that Toyota lawsuits are being filed, lawsuits that are backing up in court and promising to keep attorneys for both accident victims and Toyota busy for years to come.


  • Drivers trapped in Toyota vehicles that won’t stop.  This is the type of accident that most of us have heard of: a driver who was badly injured or frightened when their Toyota zoomed out of control.
  • Passengers in Toyota vehicles that accelerate unexpectedly.  Passengers trapped in speeding Toyota vehicles may chose to file a lawsuit against the automaker for their injuries, pain or suffering.
  • Families of those killed in Toyota crashes that might have been caused by floor mat entrapment or a sticky throttle.  Ever since the recalls, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is seeing complaints being filed by the families of people who were killed in unexplained accidents that appeared to involve a Toyota that sped out of control.  USA Today researched some of these accidents.
  • People who were not riding in a Toyota vehicle but were hit by one that may have been accelerating out of control.  You don’t have to be in a Toyota to have a case against the auto maker.  People injured in a crash involving a recalled Toyota may have a case, as they were hurt because of the auto giant’s defective product.
  • Reduced resale value for all Toyota vehicles, especially those affected by the recall.  This is a big concern for many Toyota owners – what are they going to do now that Toyota’s formerly sterling reputation for safety and quality is tarnished?  Who is going to reimburse the thousands of dollars lost on the trade-in value of their Toyota vehicles?
  • Auto insurance premiums for Toyota owners going up.  Despite auto insurance company claims to the contrary, some owners of recalled Toyotas claim that their auto insurance premiums have been raised for no good reason – other than the recall.  In this case, Toyota owners may look to have the auto maker reimburse them for the increase.


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