There is something that every auto accident victim in Virginia needs to know: if you admit to being even a tiny bit responsible for your auto accident, you may not get anything for your injuries or property damage from the other driver’s insurance company. That’s right, even if the other driver was 99 percent responsible for the accident that hurt you, you may be left with nothing. Why?

Virginia car wreck victims: Don’t talk to ANYBODY after the crash until you speak with an attorney!

Virginia is one of five states that uses “contributory negligence” in auto accident cases. In these states, you cannot recover damages if you were even the smallest bit responsible for the crash. This may come as a surprise to drivers who move to Virginia from other states that don’t have this arcane law. Most other states use something called “comparative negligence,” where the amount of an accident victim’s damages is reduced by the percent they were responsible for the wreck.

Don’t trust the insurance company after a Virginia car or truck crash!

This is why we tell crash victims NEVER to give a recorded or written statement to the insurance company without first talking with a lawyer. Insurance companies that practice in Virginia love contributory negligence, because all they have to do is trick you into making it sound like you were partially at fault in the crash and they can then argue that you don’t deserve to collect damages. This is great for their bottom line, and terrible for you.

Protect your rights after a Culpeper or Warrenton car crash. Contact an experienced auto accident attorney immediately.

Don’t let the insurance company take away your opportunity to collect the compensation you need and deserve after an accident that was not your fault. We want to hear from you before you speak to the insurance company, sign anything from them, or give them any kind of statement. Our experienced Virginia car accident lawyers know all the insurance company tricks and can help you protect your rights.

 Please contact Dulaney, Lauer and Thomas today.  In Warrenton you can reach us at 540-341-0007 or toll-free at 888-907-2631; in Culpeper at 540-825-6046 or toll-free at 800-741-1012.

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