police talking to car accident witness at scene of crashWitness statements are extremely useful in Virginia car accident claims and could make the difference between a monetary settlement and the negligent driver getting off scot-free. Therefore, it is important to secure statements whenever possible. If you are in need of immediate medical care after the crash and are unable to talk to witnesses, a car accident lawyer can try to obtain contact information from the police report and will interview witnesses after the fact to gather evidence.

How to Obtain Statements If You Are Able

We offer the following tips for securing witness statements at the scene of a car accident:

  • If you or the other passengers in your car aren’t seriously injured and are able to do so, attempt to personally get contact information from willing witnesses. You can then contact them later with a witness statement form for them to complete.
  • Request any statements given to the officer on the scene by contacting the police department. Law enforcement officers may or may not be able to release the statements, depending on the circumstances of the case.
  • Contact an experienced lawyer. He’ll be able to procure police reports, statements, and legal documentation that you otherwise may not have known about, let alone have been able to get yourself.

Depending on how serious the accident was, the extent of your injuries, or the chaos and confusion of the scene, you may not be able to get witness statements by yourself. If that’s the case, your best move is to contact an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss your options, attempt to find witnesses who are still willing to give a statement, and help you secure your claim.

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